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Hello, on this web site we explore what wellness and sustainable healthy living are. We all want to feel great and have the energy and ability to engage fully with life in an enjoyable, meaningful way  through its many ups and downs, and not just survive from medical emergencies or chronic problems. I have developed this site based on my  experience with my clinic  patients. As I have researched and helped them solve the puzzle of why they became ill, and the steps needed to recover from it and develop their wellness I have learned many things. I have also learned from my own huge healing journey. This is what I want to make available to you here. You will find many ideas and strategies that you can apply which cost very little but are very effective in building your health reserves plus the support to implement them. If you would like to visit our blog you are very welcome.

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  Web Master: Tracy DeGeer

“Every patient carries his or her own doctor inside.”

(Albert Schweitzer)


Two minutes to help soothe your nerves through relaxing your breathing from my Colour Reflections CD